- Unlovely

Today I'm seventeen years old. My life has changed since when I was thirteen. Today I went to cinema and I realize how different I am. What can I say now? Nothing.

I feel like I am a fail. I feel like I didn't something good in my life. It makes me sad, really sad. Ian doesn't love me, and I know that, but it's better just hide the truth and go on. It's better ignore the truth, lie, do it like nothing has happened.

Nico doesn't text me or something. He just fuck me and dissapeared with Bariloche. He didn't answer me even when I was there. I didn't like him and it makes me sad. Sincerly, I haven't fuck since that night, but I can't just think about it with another person. I like Nico, I wanna repeat it and make it right... with a different way.

Mariana is like that. She can't be loved. Nobody loves her. At first, she didn't care, but the time runs and she is growning and she see persons who has somebody and she... she has nobody. She's alone. And she prefers that, but sometimes she feels really bad, so she needs a hug, a contention, a smile or sweet words. She cries in secret, she doesn't show his pain. She just lie. She make it like she doesn't care, like nothing happens. But no. She was born not to be loved, although she tries harder and harder.

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